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This photo captures the beauty of the sea glass washed ashore by the tide. It was one of my first photos created prior to learning that even the gentlest of tides can reclaim what they once delivered! 

The colors of the glass shimmer and sparkle in the light, creating a captivating and calming piece of art. This photo will bring the beauty of the sea and the beach to your own space.

Washed Ashore 806

  • Please note, when ordering a matted or framed photo, the size you choose indicates the outside measurements of the photo in the matte only.  

    For example, an 8x10 matted photo will fit into a standard 8x10 frame. 

    If you order a framed piece, final measurements will be determined by the width of the frame you choose.

    If you have any questions about the size of the matte or frame, please contact me. 

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