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This Up From The Past 630 print captures the beauty of antique glass bottles set against a backdrop of a cloudy sky and calm water.

Collecting antique bottles is simply collecting sea glass before it's tumbled and broken into shards in the ocean. The Pond's Extract bottle on the right in this photo has a date of 1846 on the bottom! It's truly amazing to me how bottles from that age remain intact over the years. (As a side note, I did take a collection of my bottles to the beach to photograph. Those bottles did not stay intact!)

Up From The Past 630

  • Please note, when ordering a matted or framed photo, the size you choose indicates the outside measurements of the photo in the matte only.  

    For example, an 8x10 matted photo will fit into a standard 8x10 frame. 

    If you order a framed piece, final measurements will be determined by the width of the frame you choose.

    If you have any questions about the size of the matte or frame, please contact me. 

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